Philippines digital creator Jovie Trinidad lauds her sister for entering into Mutya ng Kutawato stage

Philippines digital creator Jovie Trinidad lauds her sister for entering into Mutya ng Kutawato stage

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Jovie Trinidad, a Digital creator from the Philippines, expressed pride in her sister Joevelyn Trinidad for stepping into Mutya ng Kutawato stage. She shared her life story and inspired the general public and motivated them to keep working to achieve their desired goals.

Trinidad titled the life story of her sister – ‘This is how you transform bullying into inspiration,’ and outlined that she faced bullying in her young days as she had uneven skin.

“Ever since high school, my sister Joevelyn Trinidad has been a target of bullying due to her severe acne breakouts, skin asthma, and more. I’ve heard countless stories from Mama about how she has been looked down upon by others because of her skin imperfections,” she noted while mentioning the story.

She further said that she feels extremely insecure and has experienced depression. During her flare-ups, she would refuse to go out and instead stay in her room, perhaps crying. For a long time, she has remained hidden within herself, surrounded by voices that tell her she’s not suitable to be a ‘Beauty’ queen.

However, thanks to the people who supported her and recognized her potential, she decided to take a chance and participate in beauty pageants, she expressed.

Jovie Trinidad further told the audience about her sister’s entry on the stage which will provide her global recognition. “When she stepped onto the Mutya ng Kutawato stage, I was overwhelmed with emotion. It was not only my first time watching her compete live but also an extraordinary feeling to witness my sibling giving her all on stage. I almost shed tears, not just because she’s my little sister, but because I saw someone with an intense passion and great discipline,” she noted through her social media channels.

She further asserted that she appeared incredibly confident in her own skin! The family members and all her supporters are extremely proud of her, and with that, she’s already a winner. Special thanks to her glam team led by Rj Sampiano Penduma and the designers who helped create all the beautiful outfits she wore throughout the entire competition.

Additionally, she proudly noted that Joevelyn Trinidad contested so well that she entered the top 5 in the competition. “Being in the Top 5 is a remarkable achievement, Gel! Wag mong sabihing “Ate sorry!” Kasi you were among the five best and most deserving ladies on stage that night. We love you dearly! You are the true testament to the quote, ‘Nothing can dim the light that shines from within’,” she said.