Nevis: Alexis Jeffers questions Janice Daniel-Hodge

Nevis: Alexis Jeffers questions Janice Daniel-Hodge

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Basseterre, St Kitts and Nevis: Alexis Jeffers, St Kitts and Nevis politician with the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM), has recently slammed Janice Daniel-Hodge, a member of the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP).

The minister took it to social media and expressed his concerns over the current situation of St James. He mentioned, “A number of persons sent me a shallow and comedic posting made by Janice just a few minutes ago, and I had to lol.”

Furthermore, the social media post by the politician noted that Janice had been obsessed with him in many ways, and this goes back many, many years. “I now see the wisdom of not taking her seriously then, and this is still the case today,” he added.

In addition to this, Jeffers highlighted that, anyway, Premier Brantley and his cabinet have seen and continue to see the value of my contributions to the development of Nevis. His DNA can be seen and felt throughout the ‘length and breadth’ of this Island.

“So Janice, I have contributed and continue to contribute more to this Island than you ever had or will ever contribute. Keep in mind you have more behind you than you have in front, and I mean no discourtesies, but that’s reality,” Alexis Jeffers further outlined.

He also mentioned that “So, whereas your trophy as presented to the people of St James and Nevis is that you are “Sims Daughter,” I am a hard-working Nevisian who deserves every penny and everything that I work for. I don’t have such luxury of the inheritance of land and other properties, but rather the inheritance of the value of hard work and honesty. Perhaps you should wrap your head around that for a start.”

While concluding his post, “But some questions to you Janice. When did you become so jealous? Are you looking for a job to undertake the EIA for the airport project? Why would you when you refuse to undertake one for the Oualie Water Taxi Pier? Are you this angry and jealous of all of the Water Taxi owners and operators because you and your family are not the owners?”

It was further highlighted that “I have many more questions, but let me leave it there for now. But one last question, do you want the Daniels to own the airport? Oh, I forgot you told me a few years ago that you don’t want any airport expansion in Newcastle because you don’t want to be disturbed.”