Myanmar’s army trying to blackout the internet

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Myanmar: Myanmar is badly trapped in the clutches of China, and now it has started on the path of China itself. The situation has become very dangerous in the last twenty-four hours. Military forces are targeting media offices in Yangon, while the licenses of five agencies have been canceled earlier. There are reports from external media that the army has killed more than 50 unarmed protesters here, and now the army has intensified the internet blackout.

On the instigation of Chinese President Xi Jinping, Senior General Min Ang Laing, who led the coup in Myanmar, has blood on his head. Here the army is torturing people who are demanding democracy. In broad daylight, the supporters of democracy are seen crushing the army under their boots, and at night, there is a flurry of bullets in the dense slums of the city.


The Myanmar army is occupying universities and hospitals. People who support democracy stumble, but the time is coming to indicate an even more frightening situation. There are internet and social media on the army’s target. An internet blackout can occur at any time in Myanmar so that the world cannot see the massacre happening inside the country.

After the bumper victory of the National League for Democracy, the army was overthrown on February 1 and snatched away the powers of the government. After this, hundreds of NLD leaders, including Aung San Suu Kyi, have either been arrested or the army is behind them. Shocking videos are coming on the internet every day, in which oppression of common people is also seen and demonstrations for democracy. In order to prevent these supporters of democracy from uniting, Facebook was shut down in Myanmar from the day of the coup, and the Army introduced a new cybersecurity bill so that all social media activities can be tracked by bringing legislation.

Since the coup in Myanmar, the Internet is the medium through which the supporters of democracy are showing their pain to the world, and that is why the game of cat-and-cat is going on between the general public and the army. After a month, this game is not only continuing but is also getting faster. Supporters of democracy are adopting all kinds of tactics to stay connected on social media, while military dictators are adopting an idea to stop them.

Soon after the coup, Tech Savvy Youngsters started circulating ways that could protect them from internet blackouts. People joined Twitter as soon as Facebook was blocked. Apart from this, they started using VPNs so that their IP address could not be identified. Supporters of Myanmar’s democracy continued to use platforms such as WhatsApp and Signal, which claim end-to-end encryption, to remain private.

Also, to connect people for a demonstration, they have relied on old technology, i.e., landline phones. Apart from this, the people of Myanmar also formed small groups with Bluetooth technology so that the people around them connected to the network and also got caught by cellphone tower transmission.

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