Montserrat: Local resources deliver new waste treatment facility

Montserrat: Local resources deliver new waste treatment facility

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Montserrat: Ministry of Communication, Works, Labour and Energy and Montserrat Utilities Limited has recently hosted the Programme Management Office.

The programme will focus on the commissioning of the new Sewage Treatment Facility at Drummonds. The event was also attended by the HM Governor’s Office in Montserrat and members of the local community.

This is another example of positive progress in restoring and strengthening critical aspects of community and national infrastructure through the FCDO-funded Capital Investment Programme for Economic Growth.

For the PMO, it has been a great pleasure to support the process of developing the business case, secure the funding and support oversight for this project, which has been delivered on budget, on time and – importantly – using local capabilities and skillsets which exist right here on the island.

The team worked with great effort and made the project to be completed well.

Earlier, the Head of the Programme Management Office represented the Government of Montserrat at the prestigious PPM and EPMO Conference in Paris this October. Martin Parlett was invited to chair the three-day conference, which featured some of the world’s most innovative and transformational organisations – including Google, Tesla, Netflix, and Coca-Cola. He also provided a keynote presentation during which he shared applicable lessons from establishing and managing a PMO in Montserrat’s uniquely challenging environment.

The focus of the hybrid event, branded as the Davos of PMO, was to share innovation from across international settings and diverse sectors, combining theoretical perspectives and real-world implementation.