Mahaica man apprehended for possession of illegal drugs

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Georgetown, Guyana: A 48-year-old man from Lancaster, Unity Mahaica from ECD, was arrested for possession of illegal drugs during a police raid on Sunday.

It is to be noted that police from Mahaica, Cove and John stations conducted a cordon and search exercise on the premises of 48-Y-O man.

Further, at the time of the raid, a suspect was found with a bulky black plastic bag in his hand. As per sources, it has been said that he attempted to run, but officers managed to apprehend the man.

Noting this, a search was conducted on the bag, and officials recovered the following items from the pack.

– A quantity of seeds, leaves and stems that are suspected to be cannabis

– A quantity of whitish rock-like substances suspected to be cocaine

– Nine transparent zip-lock bags containing suspected methamphetamine

Notably, the man was told of the offences committed, cautioned, arrested and escorted to Mahaica Police Station. On reaching the station house, the suspected leaves, seeds and stems were weighed in the presence of the accused, and the items amounted to 128 grams.

Moreover, the suspected cocaine amounted to 89 grams, and the alleged methamphetamine amounted to 5 grams.

The investigation of the matter is ongoing, and a 48-year-old man is currently taken into police custody.

The news has been shared on various social media pages. The name of the man has yet to be disclosed by the authorities, so many people took to their official Facebook handle to express their frustration.

One such comment, by a person named Saisenarine Ramnaraine, read, “If they caught you drinking and driving, they post your photo on FB. Now, this one gets caught with drugs, and they don’t know his name or what he looks like. Smh”

Additionally, the country is witnessing such stances of crimes on every alternative day. Just a day before, on Saturday, Guyana police arrested Randolph Ganesh, a 35-year-old Miner of Moruca at North West District, captured at Police Check-Point with 83.3 grams of Marijuana.

The suspected cannabis was concealed in two Pringles cans. Ganesh was informed of the offence and cautioned, after which he admitted ownership of the drug (narcotics) and said that he had purchased it from the charity for his personal use.

As per sources, the suspect was placed into custody and is slated to be charged.

Ana Allen
Ana Allen
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