KNOW HERE: Who was Isaac Benjamin Blackman, Ras Shorty of Calypso world

KNOW HERE: Who was Isaac Benjamin Blackman, Ras Shorty of Calypso world

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Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago: Carnival Institute of Trinidad and Tobago, also known as the Carnival Institute and Regional Carnival (CIRC), has recently shared a ‘Music Monday’ feature on Isaac Benjamin Blackman, who was renowned as Ras Shorty I.

“On #MusicMonday, we feature Isaac Benjamin Blackman, the son of the late, great Garfield Blackman, known in the calypso world as Lord Shorty or Ras Shorty I,” mentioned the CIRC while introducing the great son of the country to the general public.

It added that the Blackman was born on November 26, 1982, in the city of San Fernando; it was apparent that music was in his veins as Isaac had a fascination with the drum and at the age of six, he began reaching for the kick drum pedal.

Furthermore, while explaining his love towards music, CIRC outlined that he became a master of this instrument and spent most of his teenage years touring with the family band “The Love Circle”. His musical capabilities were developed and nurtured in the music-rich environment of the “Love Circle”, and Isaac began producing his own music.

Isaac is musically gifted as both a drummer and a guitarist. He also provided background vocals for numerous other artists.

As per the update, Isaac made a bold entrance onto the music scene with his first solo track, “Glorify”. His impressive vocals, natural lyrics and energetic personality have created his very own vocal trademark with the Jamoo sound.

According to Ras Shorty I, “Jamoo is the gospel of Soca, the spirit that motivated the soul of calypso”. His music embraces contemporary sounds while remaining tied to his musical roots and the traditions of this “Jamoo” brand of music.

It further shared a link to the music video of Blackman so that the public could connect with the artist more and can enjoy his musical creation. “Listen to the song titled “To the Ceiling” (2006), where we hear Isaac’s sweet tenor vocal style –,” mentioned the Carnival Institute of Trinidad and Tobago.