Jamaica’s renowned tourist gem, Mystic Mountain to reopen next month 

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Kingston, Jamaica: CEO and managing director Michael Drakulich announced the reopening of Jamaica’s renowned tourist gem, Mystic Mountain, by early next month. The reopening is scheduled in the time of the peak of the winter tourist season. 

As per sources, the restoration of Mystic Mountain was followed by extensive inspection and enhancements. This positive development comes after the attraction was shut down a few months ago due to financial challenges, which led Mystic Mountain (MM) Limited to file for bankruptcy.

Fortunately, to tackle the financial shortcomings, Northjam Island Tours Limited has stepped in and taken ownership of the property. Noting this, the Northjam is a Jamaica-based investment company. 

It is worth noting that the employees who were laid off due to the closure have been rehired. The initiative has opened a new chapter for this iconic tourist attraction. 

Drakulich, the facility’s original founder, expressed his delight that the restoration project has introduced various new styles to the site. 

“Northjam has conducted thorough inspections of all its assets and rides, unveiling a fresh look and feel for the renowned adventure park”, said Drakulich. He further lauded the efforts of the company as they are committed to enhancing the development of tourism on the island. 

Mystic Mountain aims to foster the facilities and rebuild the site with a modern aesthetic which will provide travellers with a memorable experience. 

Innovative Plans

Drakulich disclosed the ideas for Mystic Mountain’s restoration project and outlined plans for installing a new photo. The site will feature ticketing, reservation systems, and point-of-sale.

Interestingly, the work of a complete voluminous kitchen and restaurant is underway. The main highlight of this tourist place is a museum transformed into a pizza and ice cream parlour. 

The place features a bar and a customised coffee shop with various attractive additions. A prominent Montego Bay businessman and the director of the Northjam board- Wayne Cummings, expressed his commitment and joy on the reopening of Mystic Mountain. 

He added, “I see it as a testament to the industry’s trust and a reflection of the growing interest in unique, authentic island investments that contribute to enhancing Jamaica’s overall tourism landscape.”

After the completion of the restoration project, the place is envisioned as a future hub of entertainment and seasonal celebrations, both day and night in Jamaica.

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