Jamaicans urged to stay home during holidays

Jamaicans urged to stay home during holidays
Jamaicans urged to stay home during holidays

Jamaica’s Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Hon Desmond McKenzie, urged the Jamaicans to avoid large gatherings and crowds during the Christmas holidays and the period around them.

The Minister advised the Jamaicans to stay clear of large gatherings to avoid results which came on the Independence day. The country saw a lot of deaths.

Minister McKenzie, said this to the public while addressing a ceremony for the handover of tablets at the Denham Town Primary School in Western Kingston on November 20.

He said that they are encouraging the public to make the Christmas season more family-focused by celebrating the festival and holidays at home.

He said that he urges the students and parents that they should celebrate as much as possible inside their home and family during the Christmas period.

The Minister said that the Government is making responsible decisions for balancing the lives of the people and the economy of the country.

He added that in addition to the efforts of the Government, the public needs to play a vital role in their protection as well as the protection of their loved ones against spreading and contracting the coronavirus.

The Minister urged the public to wear face masks in public, stay at least six feet apart from others when in public, limit the gatherings to not more than 15 persons and to wash or sanitise the hands regularly.