Jamaica’s star athlete Shericka Jackson put on a historic run at the World Athletics Championship in Budapest on Friday.

Jamaican Shericka Jackson beats Sha’Carri Richardson to retains World 200m Title

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Jamaica’s star athlete Shericka Jackson put on a historic run at the World Athletics Championship in Budapest on Friday. She overcame stiff competition from the American Sha’Carri Richarson in this heat. Not only did she manage to retain the title of world champion but also posted the second fastest time in the history of the category.

This exemplary performance reinforced her status as an icon of the sport. Not only did she set an astonishing time of 21.41 but in the process, beat the renowned American duo of Gabby Thomas and Sha’Carri Richardson. Her dominance over Richardson was especially impressive considering the fact that she is the new 100m champion.

In her speech after the race, Jackson voiced her desire to win both the 100m and 200m events. Even though that did not come to pass, she stated that she was extremely proud of her achievement. She went on to thank and congratulate her community and her mother, attributing her success to them.

The fact that Jackson’s run at this event beat her own previous time of 21.45 was another feather in her cap, which she seemed extremely pleased by. The previous record was set by her in Eugene, Oregon roughly 12 months prior to this event.

Jackson now is aiming at the record set by the legendary American sprinter Florence Grifith-Joyner. She set a record of 21.34 at the Seoul Olympics in 1988, the bench mark for all female runners in the category ever since.

Jackson was very pleased with her time despite being close to the world record itself. She said that she was prepared to work hard and maintain the high standards and levels she has managed to achieve, if she could beat the world record through that effort then she would welcome it.

Through Shericka Jackson and other female athletes, Jamaica maintains its supremacy in the field of athletics. Although the triple jump final was won by Venezuelan Yulimar Rojas, three Caribbean athletes managed to get into the top 10 with brilliant performances.

These achievements by Jamaican athletes speak to the strong athletic traditions of the nation and its ability to churn out exceptional athletes at an impressive rate. Not only has Jamaica produced male track and field athletes like the legendary Usain Bolt but has also managed to replicate those results in the female division. That in itself is no small feat.

It would be an understatement to say that Shericka Jackson has cemented her name and legacy as a female track and field athlete. Yet, she has greater achievements in her sights as she prepares to break the world record and bring home the 100m title as well in the future.

Regardless of what the future holds for Jackson in particular, the future of the Jamaican athletics program seems very bright. If she manages to achieve the goals she has now set for herself, Shericka Jackson will indubitably go down as one of, if not the greatest sprinters in the history of the sport.