Jamaican court fines Constable Rasheem Smith for possessing and dealing in Ganja

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St James, Jamaica– Jamaican court slapped Constable Rasheem Smith with a fine of $27,000 for the offence of possession and dealing in Ganja as well as for the possession of three knives. The suspect was arrested on 5th January, but charges were laid on him on Wednesday, 17th January 2024. 

It is to be noted that the investigating officials and colleagues went to the Montego Bay Police Station and held an investigation into Constable Rasheem Smith.

The investigating officers approached him as he drove onto the compound. Subsequently, the authorities conducted a search of Smith’s vehicle and found several things.

Notably, a knapsack was lying on the front passenger seat of the vehicle, and on searching the bag, the officials found 17 parcels with green vegetable matter that resembled Ganja. On weighing the Ganja, it amounted to one pound, seven ounces.

Along with that, many other items were also found in the bag, which included lighters, cigarettes and three ratchet knives. Therefore, Constable Smith was allegedly caught on the grounds of Montego Bay Police Station.

Moreover, the suspect, Constable Rasheem Smith, was taken to the St James Parish Court, Jamaica and he pleaded guilty to his offence of possessing and dealing in Ganja as well as three counts of possessing an offensive weapon.

However, Henry McCurdy, the lawyer of Constable Rasheem Smith of Jamaica, stated in his mitigation plea that “his client was of very nice nature and character and had an impeccable record before the occurrence of this incident.”

Subsequently, the presiding Judge, Sasha-Marie Smith-Ashley, ordered the police constable to pay a fine of $5000 for the offence of possessing Ganja or else he would be jailed for 10 days. Along with that, he was also fined $7000 for the offence of dealing in Ganja or else he would be jailed for 10 days. The suspect was also asked to pay a fine of $15,000 or else he will be jailed for 10 days for the possession of the three knives.

Furthermore, Smith was cautioned for the offence he committed, and he stated, “I got a little weed and tobacco to give to someone at Moods. It’s me doing my thing, not anyone else.”

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