Jamaica: Kamina Johnson shares the update on Commonwealth campaigns’ finances
Jamaica: Kamina Johnson shares the update on Commonwealth campaigns’ finances
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Jamaica: The government of Jamaica has nominated Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Kamina Johnson Smith as Jamaica’s candidate for the post of Commonwealth Secretary-General of the Commonwealth.

Recently, Kamina Johnson has shared a statement about full transparency around Commonwealth campaigns and was quoted as, “As I previously advised publicly, travel costs are being met through the budget of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and another support is being provided by the Office of the Prime Minister, Andrew Holness. Furthermore, no financing has been provided by any government.”


CSG candidate further outlined, “There are no secrets around the financing of this campaign. We remain fully committed to transparency and accountability.”

She further promised that the cost of the campaign would therefore be reported at the campaign’s conclusion.

Furthermore, Kamina Johnson thanked all Jamaicans who continued to express their support and encouragement for the campaign.

Many users of social media praised and showed support for Kamina Johnson. One of the users wrote, “Kamina Johnson Smith is a lady who comes to the table with a pristine character and a strong dedication to any task she undertakes. You have my support all the way to London.”

The Commonwealth elections are scheduled to be held in June 2022.

Currently, the Commonwealth Secretary-General is Patricia Scotland, who hails from the Commonwealth of Dominica. She has been serving as CSG since April, 2016.