Jamaica: Dancehall artist Squash, G-city gang implicated in Lauderhill double murder case
Jamaica: Dancehall artist Squash, G-city gang implicated in Lauderhill double murder case

Jamaican Dancehall artist, Squash, along with two other alleged G-city gang members and the reputed leader of the organization, have been incriminated in the double murder in Lauderhill, Florida. As per the court records, one of the gang members Jahreme Shelton, otherwise recognized as J-Man, was charged with double murder.

The sources state that the dispute started in St. James and has taken roots in Lauderhill, Florida, as G-City Gang hasn’t been on good terms with the Badbreed gang. The conflict began in Salt Spring, St James, between the alleged leaders, Fredman from the G-city gang and Marvin Brown, otherwise called Ramos, from Atlanta, Georgia.

The feud between the gangs had left two killed and the hospitalization of another after the fatal shootout that involved Jamaicans in Lauderhill, Florida, on October 9. A 40 seconds video of the incident was recorded on a nearby doorbell camera.

The footage has highlighted three men on the roadway as the black car pulled up with a man(later identified as Jahreme Shelton or J-Man), pulling a handgun, seemingly relaxed in a black shirt and skinny blue jeans. Shelton is an illegal resident of America as per records.

As Shelton stood for a conversation with one of the men, three other men alighted from a vehicle and opened fire at the gathering. One of the fatalities had succumbed to a headshot while J-Man stood beside him. J-man shot one of the men who lay on the ground before escaping.

The police found the initial cause of placing J-Man at the scene after finding a similarity between the man in the footage and J- Man’s Instagram account.

Also, his clothes were matched for, with the one in the surveillance tape. Further, a DNA test of J-Man’s blood samples matched with ones taken from three locations at the murder scene.