Israeli Airstrike claims life of seven aid workers from World Central Kitchen

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An Israeli Airstrike killed seven aid workers from World Central Kitchen who were trying to smooth the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. The food charity was founded by Chef Jose Andres, and it is a key source of new routes to supply aid. 

The attack occurred on Tuesday, due to which an international charity suspended the delivery of food to people of Palestinians, who are suffering from starvation. 


The footage showed the bodies of persons wearing protective gear with the World Central Kitchen charity logo. They proceeded to the hospital in the Central Gaza town of Deir-al-Balah. 

According to the hospital records, the people killed in the Airstrike included three British nationals, a Polish National, an Australian, an American-Canadian dual citizen and a Palestinian. 

As per the information, Gaza was about to deliver 240 tons of aid through vessels, but such conditions forced them to take back their ships without delivering food to them. 

Noting this, the information has been shared by Cyprus, which has played a significant role in establishing a sea route to being food aid to the Gaza. The reports further revealed that Israel has allowed a very limited amount of aid to pass into northern Gaza which has prompted experts to say that a famine is highly likely.

If sources are to be believed, it has been said that the strike could also be set back by the efforts of the US and other countries by opening a maritime corridor for aid from Cyprus. 

The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, clarified the situation and stated that the attack was an “unintended strike…on innocent people.” He further assured that the officials of the concerned department would look into the matter and ensure that such incidents will not happen again. 

The World Central Kitchen revealed that they had coordinated with the Israeli forces over the movements of cars, where workers were carried when they left northern Gaza on Monday. 

The reports further revealed that the people are affected by the regular airstrikes, and, above all, the military is not allowing the ambulances and other aid vehicles to pass out of the lane, which resulted in several deaths as they were not given treatment on time. 

Ana Allen
Ana Allen
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