Indian Man carried his twin in womb for 36 years

A man named Sanju, known as the Pregnant Man of India, was born in 1963 in Nagpur. He lived for 36 years with his twin inside him.

Pregnant man had his own twin in his womb, (credits: unknown)
Pregnant man had his own twin in his womb, (credits: unknown)

A man named Sanju lived for 36 years with his twin inside him. He was born in 1963 in Nagpur, India, and is referred to as the Pregnant Man of India.

Indian influencer Shivam Malik shared this information through social media. He added that Sanju was leading a normal life, with no signs or symptoms of this abnormality. He didn’t even feel anything unusual when he was young.


However, he started experiencing changes in his body when he turned 20. The size of his stomach began to reveal growth, but he ignored it. Over time, the growth became so rapid that it started resembling the abdomen of a 9-month pregnant woman.

Despite the noticeable changes, he took no action, and a day came when breathing issues became critical. He was not able to breathe properly and was taken to the hospital. Initially, doctors thought it was a tumor, but it turned out to be a half-formed baby inside Sanju (his twin).

This revelation shocked the doctors, and it was identified as the Vanishing Twin Syndrome. Interestingly, less than 200 people in the world have been diagnosed with this syndrome.

The influencer further narrated the story, highlighting that Sanju’s mother conceived twins, and Sanju absorbed his twin inside his mother’s womb, leading to this unusual situation.

Further research revealed that about 36% of twin pregnancies experience this syndrome. It is projected that the number of such cases will increase in the future.

Moreover, the study recorded that it may occur due to the mother’s age, typically being more than 30 years. Additionally, natural conception has reduced in modern times, and couples are increasingly using reproductive technologies, which may contribute to such problems.