Indian diaspora is an important aspect, says EAM S Jaishankar in Fiji
Indian diaspora is an important aspect, says EAM S Jaishankar in Fiji || Picture Courtesy: Google Images
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New Delhi, India: The Indian Diaspora, according to Foreign Affairs Minister S Jaishankar, has reached its milestones and is of “immense value to India, the country they live in, and the world.”

Jaishankar, while addressing the Indian diaspora in Fiji, stated, “The Indian population, which now has spread around the world, has made significant progresses and is now a huge benefit to India, the nation where they reside, and the entire world.”


In his address to the locals in Suva, Fiji, the Minister stated that when considering the Indo-Pacific, Fiji is seen as a significant partner with whom a long-standing connection exists. The Minister was quoted saying, “I’m in Fiji for the first time. I’ve been here for two days now, and I’m wondering what took me so long. That was an interesting visit, and I learned a lot while I was here.”

He claimed that a lot of the serious socioeconomic issues in India are starting to show up in the country’s current foreign policy. He said, “We want to reform the outer world in the same way that we are changing the world within India.

The Indian Minister said that the nation was able to dispatch a jet carrying a rescue team and establish a field hospital within 24 hours after the earthquake in Turkey.

Jaishankar is currently in Fiji on an official visit to take part in the 12th International Hindi Conference, which will be held from February 15–17 and is being co-hosted by the Fijian government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Foreign Affairs Minister Jaishankar stressed on Thursday the “close and long-standing relations” shared between India and Fiji through “people to people linkages,” saying it was an honour to work with them on nation-building initiatives in numerous fields in the South Pacific nation. Jaishankar also expressed gratitude to the government of Fiji for joining forces with India to host the 12th International Hindi Conference. He claimed that the arrangements the administration had made were exceptional.

During a joint press conference, on Thursday, with the prime Minister of Fiji, Sitiveni Ligamamada Rabuka, Jaishankar expressed his desire to use the occasion to publicly express his gratitude to the Fijian government for working with India on this crucial exercise in cultural and heritage preservation. The arrangements that were created were remarkable in every way.