India: Assam welcomes 575% more tourists in 2022-23

India: Assam welcomes 575% more tourists in 2022-23

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Assam, India: The Indian state of Assam has made a record after welcoming a large number of tourists. According to Assam’s chief minister, Himanta Biswa Sarma, tourism in the state increased by a record 575 percent in 2022–2023 (a record gain).

After opening a resort in Sonapur, close to Guwahati, on Sunday, Sarma tweeted: “Over one crore tourists visited Assam in FY 2023, a record growth of 575%!”

Additionally, he wrote, “I was pleased to inaugurate a stunning 200-room resort developed by the Mayfair Group near Guwahati to support greater tourism infrastructure. All the best to the management.

According to MD Padmapani Bora of the Assam Tourism Development Corporation, 17.5 lakh domestic arrivals were registered in 2021–2022.

He further claimed that Assam contributed almost 10 million of the 11.8 million tourists that visited the Northeast. The figures, in Bora’s opinion, demonstrated the increasing interest that tourists have in Assam.

He credited the growth to the state’s tourism industry being more organised and having a “robust” website with in-depth location information and online booking options.

According to Bora, “the ease of conducting business and the general peace are important factors fostering growth in the tourism sector.”