High surf advisory extends due to Cold front trough till Tuesday 

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Barbados Meteorological Services (BMS) upgraded the high surf advisory in the western coastlines of Barbados till Tuesday evening. The advisory has been issued due to the cold frontal trough passing through the island.

BMS has placed the nation on ‘yellow’ alert due to northerly long period swells and breaking waves along the coastlines, and the forecasters also warned the citizens that breaking wave action could heighten around high tide.

The effects of the frontal trough moved into the premises of Barbados on Friday. This feature has now been pushed forward in the areas of the south.

The sea bathers and fishermen are advised to exercise caution while dipping into the water, especially on the beaches along the western coastlines of the island.

Hazard Information

It has been forecasted that a broad area of low pressure in the North Atlantic is causing the above-normal waves that are spreading across the ocean area waters of the Eastern Caribbean.

The nation has reported an increase in surf activity on the west coast of the island since Friday. The alert states that the western coastal regions are especially cautioned, and the fishermen, beachgoers and small crafts must follow precautions as northerly swells can be dangerous to both life and property.

Key takeaways

  1. Authorities advised fishermen and sea bathers to follow the forecasters’ suggestions and exercise caution, particularly along the western coasts.
  2. While dipping into the water, one should ensure the use of on-duty lifeguards near beaches for safety and security while jumping onto the water.
  3. It is suggested to secure objects that can be swept away by the breaking wave activity.

The country’s temperature will range between 24 degrees Celsius and 27 degrees Celsius over the north as the cold front moves over the island. According to the BMS weather forecasters, the temperature south of the island is noted to be 28 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius.

Additionally, people of Barbados may experience partly sunny weather with a few brief isolated light showers. As per the synopsis, the Atlantic high-pressure system may remain the dominant feature.

Moreover, a layer of slight dust haze will be visible across the island. People are advised to follow the measures to prevent any kind of loss of lives or property due to high surf advisory.

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