Guyana: Woman arrested for smuggling 15 grams cannabis hidden in toothpaste

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Guyana: The woman who was trying to smuggle 15 grams of cannabis into Lusignan prison was arrested on Monday, 12th February 2024, on the East Coast of Demerara, Guyana. 

It is to be noted that the suspect has been identified as Patrica Blackman, a resident of 135 King Edward’s Street, Alboystown, Georgetown.

As per the information shared by the authorities, the prison officials conducted a thorough search of the suspect and her belongings when she arrived at the checking point of the prison location. 

During the search, the authorities discovered marijuana concealed inside plastic straws, which were further placed in various toothpaste. Notably, the narcotics were placed in such a manner that it would go unnoticed by anyone. 

Picture Credits: Fb accounts
Picture Credits: Fb accounts

However, the officials of the prison caught the marijuana secretly hidden in the toothpaste. The woman was subsequently arrested by the authorities. Moreover, the officers are investigating the matter thoroughly. 

The Guyana Police Service have reacted to this news and has promised to take stringent actions in order to combat such crime rates. The authorities have stated that it is an offence to smuggle cannabis and they will make all the possible efforts in order to control this. 

They also added that smuggling contraband to penal institutions is a serious offence that should be controlled; otherwise, serious actions would be taken.

Various residents of the community also took to their social media accounts and shared their views on this news.

One person with a Facebook handle, Koko Galloway Homegirl, commented, “This woman looks like she’s under a lot of pressure from whoever she was taking the drugs in for. I hope they give her some community service and she learns her lesson.”

“When you do the crime, you have to serve your time; let her go and serve her time; she knows she was risking herself, so why cry now,” wrote Ayube Mohamed.

Another person with a Facebook account commented the following: “She is big enough to know, or maybe she has been pressured to do that; only she can tell.”

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