Guyana: Man threatens to kill his wife and baby

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Georgetown, Guyana: A man allegedly threatened to kill his wife and baby, the reason being that they refused to go back home with him.

Notably, the suspect has been identified as 29-year-old Vishan Motte a resident of New Providence, Mahaicony Ranch Road, Region Five.

As per the information, the suspect was very abusive towards his 23-year-old wife, and the wife of the suspect has been identified as Manisha Persaud.

Manisha Persaud’s sister, Anita revealed that Motte and her sister have been together for over four years and they are parents to a five-month-old daughter.

According to the information shared by the victim’s sister, she stated that “Motte has allegedly physically and verbally assaulted Manisha and had also tried to burn their house as well.” Due to this, the victim left her husband’s home and went back to her parent’s home over a week ago, as revealed by the sister of the victim, Anita Persaud.

It was also mentioned by Anita that “A lot of times, the victim had the reason to go back is that the suspect has always threatened her to kill her parents. He even lights up the house on fire once to kill everyone present in the home. While, another time, he kicked down the door. All these instances left her with no choice but to go back with him.”

She also added that every time her sister’s husband gets the chance, he beats her wife. She stated that “we are fearing for our parent’s well-being as our mother is 60 years old and our father is 69 years old who is about to turn 70.”

Moreover, the victim became tired of the man’s harassment and reported the case to the Mahaicony police station. They also filed the matter to the child protection service.

While shedding light on the child care service, Anita stated that “the child care removed the baby from his custody and he isn’t allowed to see the baby until the court decides it because he isn’t supporting the baby or mother.”

Further, Motte again showed up at Manisha’s house armed with a knife and allegedly threatened to kill her and his daughter. Subsequently, Anita contacted 911 and informed the officials regarding the situation and the Guyana police went to the Motte’s place.

Later, the suspect was taken to custody and was released on bail. It was also added by the victim’s sister that they have reported many reports against the accused at the Mahaicony police station and where he has always been placed on bail.

Anita has pleaded the Guyana Police force and has requested their help to take some serious action against the suspect. She stated that they are scared that one day, the suspect will kill her sister and her sister’s baby.

Nia Roberts
Nia Roberts
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