Accused of committing robbery, Guyana man released on bail

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A man of Guyana accused of attempting to commit robbery on Christmas day released on bail and placed under a curfew by the magistrate on Friday, 29 December 2023.

Notably, the Senior Magistrate Dylon Bess granted bail to 21-year-old, John Christian, resident of “B” Field Sophia, Greater Georgetown. The bail was granted to him with a sum of $50,000.

It is alleged that on December 25, 2023, while in the company of others as well as having a steel rod, he tried to commit a felony, which was robbery under-arms.

As per the police officials, the suspect was carrying a steal rod while he tried to rob the victim, Delton Amsterdam. It is to be noted, the offence of robbery took place at around 12:20 hours.

Meanwhile, an unrepresented Christian while denying said that “the accusations that are levelled against me are completely wrong.”

Moreover, the Police prosecutor, Christopher Morris did not raise any objection against the bail but he asked the sum of the bail to be substantial. Christian received $50,000 with the stipulations which he reported to the Alberttown Police Station once a month and he was asked that he should not be seen on the streets after 19:00 hr unless the matter gets solved.

Till now, the matter has been adjourned and will be taken to the Georgetown Magistrates Court on 9 February 2024.

Further, few people expressed their sentiments into the matter adding that, “these matters encourage the lawlessness in this land.” While another person commented saying that “Foolishness never ends in Guyana. The nation needs new law’s, a child would have been made a better discussion.” Joining them, one of the comments read as “Leave your house after 7 is risky, if police knock on the door and the home is trouble.”

This is not the first instance of crime recorded in Guyana. As the nation has been continuously witnessing spike in the crime rate. Noting to this, Guyana Police has ensured that the Police team will conduct meeting on the growing crime rates and also said that the Police will come up with solution to this problem.

Nia Roberts
Nia Roberts
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