Grenada to host Big Final Star Malt Secondary Schools Football Tournament

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Grenada: The Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture to host the Big Final Star Malt Secondary Schools Football Tournament on Wednesday 6th December 2023. The match to be held at Kirani James Athletics Stadium.

The match schedule is as follows:

– The match of Junior Boys:

The match will be played between St Andrew’s Anglican Secondary School and Happy Hill Secondary School. The match will begin at 11 am.

The battle of young talents will be a lot of fun and filled with excitement. Last year’s junior champions, Mac Donald College could not reach final this year.

– Girls Division Duel:

St Andrew’s Anglican Secondary School will play against St Joseph’s Convent School. The game will start at 1 pm. It will be a very intense game and it has raised a lot of excitement amongst the audience regarding who will bag the title.

– The Ultimate Showdown:

The match is to be held between Boca Secondary School and Mac Donald College. The game will start at 3 pm.

Moreover, The Power 8 Knockout Competition has already set the stage on fire, with Mac Donald College as the champion of that competition.

Also, Mac Donald College’s recent victory adds fuel to the fire, but Boca Secondary School is all set to give its tough fight as Boca Secondary School is out to defend its crown.

The last match of the Inaugural Star Malt Secondary Schools Football Tournament Power 8 Knockout competition was won by Mac Donald College.

Mac Donald College won the first of the two final matches in the Star Malt Secondary Schools Football Tournament, which was played on Friday, 24th November, 2023, at the Queens Park Playing Field.

The Power 8 Knockout, a new feature in the Tournament, featured a knockout competition among the top senior boy’s teams from last year’s competition.

MacDonald College and Boca Secondary School emerged as the finalists.

The match was won by Mac Donald College in front of a large crowd of football fans, teachers, students, ministry officials and the tournament sponsor.

Moreover, the audience is all set for the upcoming and electrifying game between Mac Donald College and Boca Secondary School. It will be very exciting to watch who will win the game.

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