Grenada to expand economy via the cannabis Market

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Grenada: Prime Minister of the country, Dickon Mitchell shared a post on social media on November 3, 2023 with the description emphasizing on the steadfast dedication in broadening the economy through Cannabis Industry.

The PM added that the officials are steadily progressing with the initiatives to make the Cannabis industry legal which will lead towards unlocking the Cannabis’ medical potentials.

On this, one of the citizens of the country shared the concern on this. The citizen said “I am happy and hopeful by the initiatives of the Government.”

However, decriminalizing Cannabis may not seem beneficial for the public. This is because the country already has a great count of Rum shops which leads to increased alcoholism.

Considerably, the World Health Organization (WHO) has listed Grenada as having the highest ratio of alcoholism in the Caribbean.

And, as per the citizen’s perspective, legalizing Cannabis may add an addiction as such mind altering substances. Although, after considering the negatives of legalizing Cannabis, the authorities need to think of more suitable action to be taken in this concern.

Significantly, which can be aligned with restricting the use of medicinal plants. The authorities can even state that before using such a plant, the  users are to take the permission from the legislation which can assure its appropriate use.

Also, the use of this as well should just be limited to medical use. This way, it would be more beneficial for the residents of the country as only the beneficial use will be brought up and the negative would be avoided.

Such an action would even offer the advantages in the monetary form for the long term, and will be bound in generating the revenue for the growth and development of the region.

The economic growth taken forward through such an initiative would also commit the well being of the society by social means.

George Henry
George Henry
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