Citizens of Grenada celebrate price deductions in petroleum products. (Image Credits: WIC News)

Grenada lowers prices of petroleum products in a landmark move

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The Caribbean nation of Grenada has made an immensely popular decision by lowering the prices of petroleum products in the nation, effective from Saturday, November 18th 2023. The decision has been hailed by the citizens of the nation as a great boon to them.

Understandably, in the current economic scenario, most citizens have a hard time maintaining basic expenses. The strain on an average family is quite significant, which is why the government’s decision to make petroleum products cheaper, is being received well by the public.

As petroleum products such as Gasoline, Diesel, Kerosene, and Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) are essential commodities, a drop in their prices helps the average household maintain the need for basic necessities while also saving money for other requirements.

Hence, the Government of Grenada is being praise for a policy that seems to have great social significance and weightage at a political level as well.

Citizens have been advised to stay aware of the price changes and immediately contact the Price Control/Consumer Affairs Unit in the nation’s Ministry of Legal Affairs if any instances of inflated prices come up.

The public can use the number 440-1369 to get in touch with the relevant authorities in such cases. The government has stated that strict action will be taken against such offenders.

The policy, which is in the interest of the public, has been pushed through with good intent and the needs of every citizen of Grenada in mind.