Grenada Government to host press conference on April 4
Grenada Government to host press conference on April 4 || Picture Courtesy: Government of Grenada
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Saint George’s, Grenada: The Government of Grenada is set to hold a Press Briefing on April 4, 2023, at the Grenada Houses of Parliament, which will be aired live on Channel 22 or via the Government Information Service (GIS) Facebook and YouTube pages. The press briefing will be hosted by the Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, National Security, Home Affairs, Public Administration, Information, and Disaster Management, Dickon Mitchell. He will be joined by Andy Williams, the Minister for Mobilisation, Implementation, and Transformation, and Mike Sylvester, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance.

Several crucial topics will be discussed during the press briefing, including bi-monthly payments, ministerial portfolio changes, the ending of the cap on freight, and water access and sanitation in homes (WASH Initiative). The government’s focus on these issues signifies their importance to the nation’s development and progress.

One of the critical topics that will be addressed during the press briefing is bi-monthly payments. This initiative is expected to provide a more sustainable income stream for Grenadians, which will aid in enhancing the nation’s economic growth. Ministerial portfolio changes will also be discussed, indicating a re-organization of the government’s administrative structure to ensure optimal service delivery to citizens.

Another topic that will be discussed during the press briefing is the ending of the cap on freight. This move will allow businesses to import more goods, ultimately driving down the cost of consumer goods and enhancing Grenada’s economy. On the other hand, the WASH Initiative emphasizes the government’s commitment to providing citizens with clean water and sanitation facilities, a basic human right.

The media houses are urged to set up their equipment by 9:30 AM, as the press briefing is expected to start at 10:00 AM. The press briefing presents an opportunity for journalists and the general public to gain insight into the government’s plans and objectives for the future.

The Government of Grenada’s press briefing on April 4, 2023, presents a unique opportunity for citizens to learn about the government’s plans and initiatives. The various topics to be discussed signify the government’s commitment to enhancing the nation’s economic growth and development while addressing issues that impact citizens’ lives. It is crucial that media houses make the necessary arrangements to cover the press briefing and disseminate information to the public.