Grenada: Caribbean Airlines to add new flights for Spice Mas 2022

Grenada: Caribbean Airlines to add new flights for Spice Mas 2022

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Grenada: The Tourism Authority of Grenada (GTA) has informed that Caribbean Airlines Ltd will start new flights between Toronto, Canada and Grenada during the time of Spice Mas 2022.

This facility would assist travellers residing in the second country to come and attend the Spice Mas 2022. It will also help the Grenadians living outside the nation participate in or witness the island country’s biggest cultural festival.

Grenada will host spice Mas 2022 in the month of August.

As per the schedule shared by Caribbean Airlines, four new direct flights would take off. These four airlines would run from August 3, 2022, to August 11, 2022, between Grenada and Toronto at different timings.

The detailed schedule of the Caribbean Airlines is as follows:

1) August 3, 2022, from Toronto (YYZ) at 10:30 PM to Grenada (GND) at 3:30 PM.
2) August 4, 2022, from Toronto (YYZ) at 11:15 PM to Grenada (GND) at 4:35 AM.
3) August 10, 2022, from Grenada (GND) at 2:15 PM to Toronto (YYZ) at 7:50 PM
4.) August 11, 2022, from Grenada (GND) at 3:40 PM to Toronto (YYZ) at 9:15 PM.

Grenadian Tourism Authority’s CEO, Petra Roach, stated, “Our authority has wholeheartedly welcomed this capacity from Caribbean Airlines Ltd as ease to connectivity is important.”

“We are expecting that the bookings would witness a hike during the Spice Mas 2022 period as there is a lot of excitement around the cultural carnival, and the new flights would help in keeping the excitement same.”

Furthermore, the Grenada Tourism Authority assured the general public that it would continue to work in favour of the country and provide full assistance, in collaboration with the allies and partners, to the public during the Spice Mas 2022.