Stacey Rahaman gives a sneek-peek of her tram tour to Saint Lucia's Rainforest. (Credits: Stacey Rahaman)

Explore Saint Lucian Rainforest with Stacey Rahaman

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Castries, Saint Lucia: Stacey Rahaman, who is a Digital content creator and influencer, held a tranquil arial Tram tour to explore the Enchanting Rainforest of Saint Lucia. 

She is also serving as the owner of Visit Guyana. She shared her curiosity about the tour and her incredible experience through her official Facebook handle. 

About the tour

She visited Saint Lucia’s Rainforest, which can take a person to the core of a lovely Nature Park. Rahaman adored the experience of exceptional service from start to finish.

Before going abroad, she was accompanied by wonderful expert guides and an air tram who had a wide knowledge of the rainforest’s ecosystem.

People were worried about how safe the trams were, but they were given assurances that the trams were held by thick cables and attached to a complex engineering system, which ensured the safety of its passengers. 

The trams glides effortlessly along with suspended cables. (Credits: Stacey Rahaman)
The trams glides effortlessly along with suspended cables. (Credits: Stacey Rahaman)

The tram drifted easily along the suspended cables, which provided a special vantage point where people could witness the knotty ecosystem of the rainforest.

The guide witnessed the melange of plant life, from towering ancient trees wrapped in vines to exquisite orchids snuggled in the foliage. She noticed several stunning hummingbirds on the way.

During the tour, the guide distributed fascinating insights into the rainforest’s rich biodiversity and shared how it connects to the Saint Lucian culture.

She was introduced to the indifferent features of the native plants and unveiled the fine balance between the various species that considered this place as their homes. 

Saint Lucia’s Rainforests Tram Tour offers an educational experience for nature enthusiasts of all ages to discover medicinal herbs with healing properties and endangered species. 

Saint Lucian Rainforest. (Credits: Stacey Rahaman)
Saint Lucian Rainforest. (Credits: Stacey Rahaman)

Rahaman was lucky to spot a region’s most iconic inhabitants as the tram made its way deeper into the rainforest. 

A traveller was excited to witness an elusive Saint Lucian parrot, which is known for its vibrant plumage and fascinating personality, but unfortunately, she didn’t manage to spot any of them during her tram tour.

She encouraged other people to book a spot on the Rainforest Tram Tour whenever they visited Saint Lucia.