Prime Minister Dr Terrance Drew while attending a school event.

“Education is the foundation of a strong community,” says PM Terrance Drew

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Basseterre: Spending quality time with school-going children, Prime Minister of St Kitts and Nevis, Dr Terrance Drew expressed that he had an “incredible day hosting our constituency’s Back-to-School Fun Day!”

Dr Drew, recently took to Facebook to share an update on his recent event with the youth of his constituency. Such events underline the significance of community participation and the value of leaders staying intouch with their constituents.

Dr Drew‘s post and involvement emphasize the profound importance of giving back to the community and cherishing the moments that bring people together in celebration and unity.

Continuing on his Facebook post, PM Drew vividly described the joyful atmosphere of the event. He mentioned how the young learners were all smiles, a sight that would warm anyone’s heart.

It wasn’t just about fun and games; the event also provided practical benefits for the kids. They were treated to fresh haircuts and the girls had their hair beautifully braided, ensuring they started the school year looking their best.

Prime Minister Dr Terrance Drew while attending a school event.
Prime Minister Dr Terrance Drew while attending a school event.

Beyond these grooming services, the children also received essential back-to-school supplies, ensuring they’re well-prepared for the academic year ahead. All of these acts of kindness occurred while they engaged in playful activities, creating memories with their peers that they’re sure to cherish.

“We believe in investing in our future, and today, we did just that. By coming together and supporting our children, we’re not just shaping their education, but also nurturing their self-esteem and confidence,” said PM Drew.

Building on his reflections, Dr Drew emphasized the indispensable role of education in shaping a robust and vibrant community.

He asserted, “Education is the foundation of a strong community,” underscoring the fact that the roots of societal progress are deeply embedded in empowering the young minds. The special event, while seemingly modest, represents a significant stride towards carving a brighter and more prosperous future for the entire constituency.

PM’s rallying call was clear: “Let’s continue to stand together and uplift one another.” A sentiment that not only emphasizes unity and collaboration but also underscores the collective responsibility of ensuring that every child gets the best start in life.