Jamaica: E-Ticketing System launched by JCF

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Kingston: Jamaican Constabulary Force (JCF) launched a new smart Check E-Ticketing System the previous week. This system replaces the hectic traditional written tickets methods.  

This provides the police authorities with a printed ticket on the spot with information about the offence, fine, court date, and others. In the first phase, around 20 devices were provided to the officers. While another 100 are expected to be rolled out at the starting of the next month. 


Head of the JCF’s Information Communication and Technology Division (ICTD), Deputy Superintendent Orette Bascoe, cited, “The officers loved the system, it is more legible, efficient and the information is directly entered into the Traffic Management System“. 

“It also gives the motorist the capacity to pay on the spot as the ticket can be – emailed to them, along with a link to the payment portal,” he further added, noting that more of the features will be added to the system so that it can work more effectively. 

This system also allows officers to check outstanding tickets motorists may have instantly. It will also provide information on their fitness, registration, insurance, and other personal data. 

This system makes it easy and accessible for the police authorities. This is convenient for both the cops and the general public. There are still some of the Caribbean nations that are using the traditional method. 



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