Dr Denzil Douglas unveils water service schedule to provide clean and potable water to St Kitts and Nevis

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Basseterre, St Kitts and Nevis: Minister of Foreign Affairs of St Kitts and Nevis, Dr Denzil Douglas unveiled the Water Service Schedule from Sunday, 7th April to Saturday, 13th April 2024. He shared his vision of providing access to clean water to a large number of consumers on a daily basis. 

While shedding light on the importance of the water distribution schedule, he shared that the island nation is in the peak of the dry season where the amount of rainfall will decrease which will directly result in causing low water levels in some of the storage tanks. 

He also asked the citizens to keep in mind that the water services can be restored or disrupted sooner or later in accordance with the distance from the WSD storage tank which will be associated with the community. 

Dr Denzil Douglas also informed the citizens that the authorities are getting work done on the pipelines as thousands of them will take time in order to get completely emptied. He urged the natives to be careful while accessing water services as it cannot be turned on or off immediately like electricity. 

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of St Kitts and Nevis also asked the citizens to make the effective and efficient use of water, ensuring the proper utilization of water. 

“We wish to also strongly urge every member of our communities to engage in diligent water conservation,” noted Dr Denzil Douglas. 

The water services will be provided daily from 5 am to 7 pm in the areas which include, Bird Rock, Half-moon, Olivees, Shadwell, Basseterre, Taylors, Conaree, Keys, Cayon, Ottleys, Lodge, Molineux, Phillips, Mansion, Tabernagle, Saddlers, Parson’s Ground, Dieppe Bay, St Paul’s, Newton Ground, Sandy Point, St Peter’s and New Road. 

Moreover, the citizens of the island nation are facing water scarcity issues due to climate change and lack of rainfall which is becoming a serious concern for them. However, the administration of the island nation is continuously striving hard in order to seek solutions to the issue. 

Water is a basic necessity of everyone’s life and everyone has access to it for the same, the administration of Dr Terrance Drew is working on solutions such as the construction of the desal plant at Canada Estate, purchasing of water from Marriott Hotel, moving to drill in Cayon, plans to establish a factory to produce water tanks and 2-million-gallon desal plants to commence soon. 

These measures by the administration highlight the unwavering commitment and dedication of the government towards their aim of providing potable and clean water to all the citizens of St Kitts and Nevis. 

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