Dominica Grammar School
Dominica Grammar School
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Dominica: Dominica Grammar School has been witnessing renovation and rehabilitation after it was totally damaged by Hurricane Maria in 2017.

Dominica Grammar School is one of the oldest institutions on the island and is situated in the capital city of Roseau. The school was established back in the year 1893.

The school has been reconstructed by the developing firm Montreal Management Consultants Ltd.

As per the latest information by MMC Development, it has designed the construction activities taking into consideration the existing buildings.

Dominica Grammar School has three major buildings, out of which the two major buildings of the school will be retained but will undergo full renovation works – both externally and internally. The renovation works will modernize both structures to achieve harmony with the new buildings.

A third major building will be built, similar to the two existing buildings for classes and lectures.

Other renovations which will be done on the campus will include a library, an administrative building, sporting facilities, a greenhouse, green areas and a modern auditorium that can host up to 500 people.

MMCE has been playing a significant in the development of various sectors in the Caribbean country.

One of the major projects by the developing company includes the Dominica International Airport, which will ease travelling to Dominica from countries like the US, UK and Europe.

To date, the various projects attributed to the country are a total of 2,000 housing units, a hospital, 12 health centres, educational institutions, community centres, solar street lighting and sporting facilities.

Earlier, the government of Dominica commissioned three primary schools- Morne Jaune Primary School, Stevens Primary School, and Wills Strathmore Stevens Primary.

The primary schools were reconstructed under the Climate Resilience and Restoration Project, launched by the government. The three education institutions were reconstructed after Hurricane Maria destroyed them in the year 2017.