Dominica Ministry commences fogging campaign to curb dengue fever

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Roseau, Dominica: The fogging campaign started on Sunday, December 3, 2023, to contain biting midges and mosquitoes transmitting Dengue Fever.

It commenced with Pointe Mitchel and Loubiere at 5 pm. Notably, Residents in these communities were expected to keep their doors and windows open during the fogging sessions to ensure proper dispersion of the fog.

Ministry of Health, Wellness and Social Serviced in partnership with National Pest and Termite Control, is gearing up to initiate fogging exercises in various communities.

It is to be noted that this method is pivotal for reaching areas where mosquitoes and biting midges are supposed to be breeding.

Forthcoming fogging schedule

The upcoming fogging schedule for this week includes,

  • On Monday, December 4 at 5 am- Roseau
  • On Tuesday, December 5 at % AM- Goodwill
  • Castle Comfort and Wallhouse are scheduled for fogging at 5 pm on the same day
  • Fond Cole will undergo fogging on Wednesday, December 6 at 5 am
  • Mahaut is slated for 5 pm on the same day
  • Kingshill is next in line on Thursday, December 7
  • Canefield will fogging scheduled on Friday, December 8 at 5 am

Locals are advised to take necessary measures during the process; however, the fogging exercises are designed to be safe and effective.

It is to be noted that vulnerable individuals, such as the elderly and those who suffer from respiratory conditions like bronchitis and asthma, were asked to vacate their homes during the fogging sessions.

Additionally, they stayed in a closed room until the fogging process was completed.

Notably, this precautionary measure focused on putting a stop to any potential adverse effects on individuals with respiratory sensitivities.

The Ministry of Health, Wellness and Social Services extended its gratefulness to the cooperation and patience of residents in the counted communities.

Additionally, Dominica has counteracted the surge in Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes known for transmitting Dengue Fever. Notably, this has led to an increase in reported cases in Dominica.

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Ana Allen
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