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Roseau, Dominica: The Caribbean region is the complete package of offering the best excursion to the people desiring to have all the fun. One of the Digital Creators, Ross OC Jennings, shared the three Caribbean travel suggestions for 2024. Out of these Dominica is the one.

Through his instagram handle with the name thefirstpiper, he revealed his top picks as must visit places from the Caribbean. And, Dominica being the one reveals that it has all the beauty and peace to offer to the people craving for the realm. 

“What’s not to love about a country that’s called ‘The Nature Isle?!’ This island is a total gem with its own resident pod of sperm whales,” mentioned Ross, thefirstpiper.

Such words mentioned by the Digital creator itself speaks about the beauty of the country. The wonderful attractions at the place makes it a wise choice of all when it comes to tourism. 

Recently, Dominica established a 788 square kilometer Sperm Whale Reserve in their waters which is the world’s first protected area specifically for Sperm Whales. This special feature in the country is the true epitome of the exciting areas, required to be explored.

A small, beautiful island is filled with unparalleled attractions widely known for exclusive tourism offerings. The country is even considered as a home to 365 lakes. Interestingly, the world’s second-largest boiling lake is also in Dominica. To this, even an addition is under progress as the work on the world’s longest cable car is going in the nation.

This special addition would surely increase tourism in the country as this exciting feature will be the spotlight in the tourism sector of the country. The beauty is not only limited to this, but also has other tourist attractions.

Moreover, other top attractions in the country are Trafalgar Falls and Morne Trois Pitons National Park.

Trafalgar Falls consists of twin waterfalls and provides a chance to explore the ultimate adventure for tourists. The tour at the falls includes a short hike in the pool at the base of the falls. Even while hiking on the top of falls, it provides a chance to swim in the pool and explore the stunning views.

Morne Trois Pitons National Park is the UNESCO’s world heritage site filled with lush green rainforest, waterfalls and rivers. The park covers about one-fifth of the island, and is a home to diversity of plant and animal life.

Probing ahead, others two in Ross, thefirstpiper’s list are Grenada and Belize.

For Grenada, Ross added,“This country is a lot more than just beaches, It’s also one of the largest producers of nutmeg in the world.”

“Ya’better Belize it! This country has the Blue Hole, a beautiful selection of cayes & reefs, and also a huge population of menonite folk,” quoted Ross while highlighting the feature of Belize.

All three countries are part of the Caribbean region, which outlines that for a perfect tour, the Caribbean is the best choice.

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