Dominica featured among ’52 places to go in 2024′ by New York Times

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Dominica, the island nation has achieved a huge milestone as the Caribbean nation has made it to the list of best “52 places to go in 2024,” featured by the New York Times. It is to be noted that the Nature Isle of the Caribbean has been named the 11th best country to explore in the New Year.

While appreciating the beauty of the island nation, the New York Times shed light on the volcanoes, waterfalls, rainforests and hot springs that Dominica offers.

The New York Times also focused on the eagerly-awaited $54 million and 4.1-mile cable car project of the island nation. It is specially mentioned in the report that the cable car will be lifting passengers from Roseau Valley to Boiling Lake. This project will play a huge role in making the journey of the visitors memorable and comfortable.

The bird’s-eye view of the wild landscape and the natural beauty of the island nation truly justifies its nickname of ‘Nature Isle of the Caribbean.’

Things to explore in Dominica

Lush Green Forest

Dominica is home to lush green forests, its stunning coastal view and rare wildlife like the imperial amazon parrot and broad-winged hawk and national parks is the perfect spot for nature lovers and eco-tourists alike. It is a beautiful opportunity for visitors to get lost in its beauty and immerse tourists in the wonders of nature.

365 rivers

The island nation is home to 365 rivers and breathtaking waterfalls. These rivers are the perfect place to visit with friends, families and close ones. Many of Dominica’s rivers offer many wonderful opportunities to river-bathe in clear and cool water. Travel enthusiasts can also enjoy several adventurous opportunities like river tubing and canyoning.

National Parks

The nature island is home to three national parks which includes, Morne Trois Pitons National Park, Cabrits National Park and Morne Diablotin National Park. Morne Trois National Park was established in 1997. Tourists can experience luxurious tropical forests and scenic volcanic features, which is the perfect blend of beauty and simplicity. Cabrits National Park was established in 1986 and it offers visitors beautiful tropical rainforests, coral reefs and spectacular views of the beaches. Morne Diablotin National Park was established to protect the habitat of the endangered Sisserou parrot. It is a perfect chance for travellers to view the island’s Sisserou and Jaco parrots, Blue-headed hummingbirds etc.

Boiling Lake

Dominica has the second-largest boiling lake, and it provides one of the best experiences for the visitors of the island nation. The boiling lake hike in Dominica is a testament to the raw beauty of nature.

Cable Car Project

One of the most exciting projects of Dominica has created a huge hype among the citizens and visitors of the island nation. This Cable Car project is likely to take two years to complete and will also play a huge role in enhancing the tourism sector of the nation. Travellers across the nation have also shown their excitement towards this project, as the project promises to provide a splendid journey to its visitors.

Sperm Whale Reserve

Dominica is the first nation in the world to set up a Sperm Whale Reserve. This initiative is a great help to the Caribbean nation to meet its goals of climate and environmental sustainability.

Diving destination

The nature island is one of the top diving destinations for divers across the world. It offers the tourists the wonderful opportunities of scuba diving and snorkelling. Such kind of activities make Dominica the ideal destination.

Not just limited to this, the Nature-abundant Island in the Caribbean has been committed towards the goal of offering travel enthusiasts a life-long memorable experience.

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