Data breach of more than a billion users of
Data breach of more than a billion users of "Tik Tok": Researchers

World: Cybersecurity researchers have revealed that the data of more than one billion users of the “Tik Tok” application has been compromised.

The researchers said that the application was hacked a few days ago, during which hackers accessed the data of more than one billion users, while the application’s spokesman denied the occurrence of any intrusion or data theft, according to the Middle East website.

They pointed out that the breach was revealed at a popular hacking forum held two days ago, where hackers claimed to have exploited an unsecured server containing the personal information of TikTok users.

The alleged hackers asserted that they had access to about 34 gigabytes of data belonging to TikTok users, much of it belonging to minors.

Security researcher Troy Hunt, who runs the data-hacking service Have I Been Pwned, used by dozens of national governments, analyzed a sample of data listed on the hacking forum to see if the hack had occurred but was unable to verify whether the hack had occurred from the sample.

“It is somewhat inconclusive so far,” Hunt said today. Some of the data the hackers allegedly hacked were already publicly available by its owners, and some were classified as private but was unimportant.”

For his part, a TikTok spokesperson denied any breach, saying: “We prioritize the privacy and security of our users’ data. Our security team investigated these allegations and found no evidence of a security breach.”

This information coincided with a security alert from Microsoft, warning of a “high-security vulnerability” in the “Tik Tok” application on Android devices, which could allow attackers to “breach user accounts with one click .”

It is worth noting that “Tik Tok”, which was launched in 2016, has succeeded in attracting 1.4 billion users, the majority of whom are under the age of 15, thanks to its reliance on short and fast videos, mostly based on singing and acting challenges.