Cunard Cruise Ship: Outbreak of unknown Illness affects 154

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A total of 154 people, including 25 crew members and 129 passengers became ill due to the spreading of an unknown outbreak in a Cunard cruise ship, confirmed the U.S. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.

Notably, the information about the outbreak came to light when the people travelling in the Carnival-owned Cunard Cruise Line’s Queen Victoria became the victims of the illness. As per the reports, the affected members suffered from symptoms including vomiting and diarrhea.

The Cunard cruise ship departed from Florida on 22nd January 2024 and since then 15 cases of illness have been reported. It was also confirmed by the cruise line that the guests became sick during the trip. The reason for the outbreak is still not known.

Picture Credits: Google Images
Picture Credits: Google Images

The cruise operator shared that “a number of guests had reported symptoms of gastrointestinal illness on board Queen Victoria on voyage V405 which departed Florida on [Jan. 22] and arrived in San Francisco on [Feb. 7].”

While shedding light on the safety measures, he added that the cruise line is looking after the ill people and is providing them with the best possible medical facilities. They also enhanced their health protocols, ensuring the safety and security of every passenger travelling.

Moreover, the cruise is on a 55-day trip and will reach its final destination on 4th March 2024. The 55-day voyage embarked from Germany and will end in Australia and this week the ship reached Honolulu, Hawaii.

Various residents of the community took to their social media accounts and expressed concerns on the news.

One person with a Facebook account LeAnne Greene Minnick commented “I lost four in my family from covid. It was not a joke. They died horrible deaths. Some people need to get off their political Facebook nonsense and be human again. We also need to go after the ones creating these viruses. Covid was terrorism.”

Another person wrote, “It is seriously a case of concern; I hope everybody gets well and they remain safe and secure.”

The residents have also requested the cruise line authorities to take proper care of the ill people and take stringent measures to ensure the well-being of all the travellers and crew members.

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Nia Roberts
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