Four Cruise Ships in one day makes it blessed tourism milestone for Antigua and Barbuda

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Antigua and Barbuda: The country Antigua and Barbuda had a blessed tourism day with four cruise ships being docked in the country. Over thousands of cruise passengers have arrived in the country and explored its offerings.

The arrival of four cruise ships in a single day is an achievement in itself for the country’s tourism sector. Thousands of tourists descended on St John’s and the beaches of Antigua and Barbuda with this. Four cruise ships that docked in the country included Virgin Voyages as well.


The tourism authority and the Global Ports and other relevant departments have played a greater role in ensuring smooth operations, even people are appreciating their efforts alot.

“This is great work by Global Ports, the Tourism Authority and the Department of Tourism. Growing leaps and Bounds,” mentioned one of the citizens named Dave A.B. Ray.

Such a statement even reflects the positive expressions for the efforts taken by the authorities for the development of the country. Such an achievement so evidently directs towards the economic growth of the country.

The majority of the economy of the small island is dependent on tourism and the growth in it contributes to a larger part towards the economic growth of the country as a whole. The determination and the dedicated work of the authorities leads towards it.

Even the public is praising the Prime Minister, Gaston Browne of the country for the efforts he has been giving for the development of the country.

“Gaston Browne is the best leader in the world,” commented the citizen.

Not only this, people have shared their concerns as well for the repairs of the roads. As per the individuals, the authorities are doing great towards the development and the road repairs are much needed.

People even added that this will make the country even more wonderful and beautiful. Also, this would provide an aid in promoting and increasing the tourism in the small island. A citizen even shared his concern by sharing “Fix the darm holes in side walks around town, it’s like the final destination around every corner when you walk on this side walks of St John’s.”

Such words reflect that the development in the country can further better the position of the tourist destination, and will be an even more wonderful place with having fixed the issues.

George Henry
George Henry
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