Cat Island to get 12 miles potable water pipping system

Contract signed for provision of potable water for the first time in Cat Island’s history – 12 miles of pipe installation to be undertaken in two lots
Contract signed for provision of potable water for the first time in Cat Island’s history – 12 miles of pipe installation to be undertaken in two lots

Bahamas: The Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance Dr Hubert Minis on Tuesday attended the signing ceremony of a contract for the provision of the initial stages of piped potable water for the first time in the history of Cat Island.

The contract was signed between the Water and Sewerage Corporation and the Island Site Development Company.

The Water and Drainage Corporation is currently funded by a Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) water supply improvement project, $28.33 million from the bank and $13.3 million in equivalent funds from the Government of the Bahamas, said Adrian Gibson, Executive Chairman, Water And Sewerage Corporation.

The project includes 2 projects on New Providence and projects on 6 different family islands, including Cat Island.

The proposed work on Cat Island will be carried out as two lots and will involve the installation of approximately 12 miles of pipe.

For the first time, water mains and areas supplied with potable water include Wilson Bay and Bennett Harbour settlements, and proceed south through the settlements of New Bight, Douds and Moss Town, ending at the Old Bight Settlement .

“Expect to complete tasks no more than 12 months. This phase of works is valued at $ 3.1 million.”

The Prime Minister said, “Today is a celebration for the people of Cat Island. Today is a tremendous milestone in your history. Today is a really great day. ”

The Prime Minister said that he has challenged the Minister of Water and the Executive Chairman of the Water and Water Corporation to immediately begin the process of developing a strategic plan for the installation of piped potable water in each house in Cat Island. Within the shortest possible period.

Putting a challenge on the Bahamas completing 50 years of independence, the Prime Minister said, “We should set a national goal to complete the delivery of this most essential service to all the residents of our family, which is for the whole family Is important for Economic growth and development of our Bahamas. ”

The Prime Minister said that the government will announce the time and date to complete the provision of piped water for all communities in the Bahamas.

The Prime Minister said, “Your government is cognizant that without these basic utilities, there can be no sustainable growth and development in our family islands.”

Prime Minister Minis said that in this internet age, the government will continue to promote health facilities and education, including access to telemedicine and online education.

“Every part of the Bahamas and every part of the Bahamas has access to the right opportunities, services and infrastructure,” he said.