Caribbean Community shows concern over tensions at Ukraine border

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The Caribbean Community: The CARICOM has expressed deep concern about the ongoing stress at the Ukraine borders, according to the statement issued by the CARICOM Secretariat. The Caribbean Community has further called all the parties involved in the Russia-Ukraine conflict to work responsibly and avoid destabilisation in the region.

The statement issued by the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) read, “We are deeply concerned by the ongoing developments along the Ukraine border and calls on all parties involved to act responsibly and with self-restraint and responsibility to avoid destabilisation in that region.”

It further urged the prominent leader to accelerate the diplomatic efforts and settle all the differences between both countries peacefully. It further called for the protection of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

He further mentioned that the community would wholeheartedly welcome the efforts of all the international communities that will find urgent solutions to de-escalate tensions in the region.

It further stated that “CARICOM calls on all actors to intensify diplomatic efforts and settle differences peacefully and calls for the respect of Ukraine’s sovereignty & territorial integrity. The Community will welcome the efforts of the international community to promote dialogue and to find urgent solutions to de-escalate tensions in the region.”

The Caribbean Community assured that the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the region would be respected in all aspects. The disputes will be peacefully resolved, and the universal respect and adherence of the norms & principles of international law will not be neglected.

“CARICOM reaffirms the commitment to respect for sovereignty, territorial integrity, non-interference in the internal affairs of another state, the prohibition on the threat or use of force, and peaceful resolution of disputes. Universal respect & adherence to these norms and principles of international law are fundamental to the maintenance of the international system and global peace and security,” it mentioned.

CARICOM Secretariat further mentioned that the Caribbean Community would continuously monitor the developments in the region.