Biometric Processing for Canadian visas to be held in Grenada. (Picture courtesy- Google)

Canada to conduct biometric processing for visa application in Grenada

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Saint George, Grenada: The Canadian Officials will mark their visit in Grenada to conduct the biometric processing for individuals who are striving for visas from November 6- November 8, 2023.

Their visit is confirmed and announced by the Government of Canada through their social media handle.

Grenadian citizens will be provided biometric information, such as a photo and fingerprints, as a part of the visa application process. It will help them apply for visas for-

  • Canadian Visitor Visa
  • Work Permit
  • Temporary Residence Permit
  • Study Permit and
  • Permanent Residence.

Biometric collection point:

The visit of the Canadian Officials will bring an opportunity to the Grenadian nationals to get the biometric information in their own country. They can eliminate the need to travel abroad for the visa processing. The Grenadian nationals are expected to travel to the biometric collection points in St Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados.

Those who are planning to travel to Canada for family reunions, tourism, study, or any other reason are suggested to complete their online visa application immediately to take advantage of this November opportunity.

Schedule of an appointment for biometric collection:

The schedule for the appointments will be followed on the basis of a first come- first served rule, as there are only a few slots of appointments available. The biometric collection will remain for three days at their relevant centres.

The following citizens are especially invited to participate in this exercise-

  • Individuals who have already received their Biometric Instruction Letter.
  • A person who applied for visas for a Canadian work permit, permanent residence, temporary address, study permit and so on.
  • Individuals who are planning to travel to Canada.

October 31, 2023, is considered the last date to schedule an appointment.

Diplomatic relations of Canada and Grenada:

Grenada and Canada have maintained their diplomatic alliance since the day Grenada attained independence from the United Kingdom on February 7, 1974. Both countries are part of the Commonwealth of Nations.

Canada initiated a CAN+ program in June for expedited visa processing, where he invited Grenada, along with other Caribbean countries, to become a part of Canada’s visa-free travel programs.

Canada’s High Commissioner tweeted his gratitude that he valued their diplomatic relations with Grenada and welcomed Grenada on being a part of the CAN+ program for expedited visa processing for its nationals who has relevant and valid US visa or had Canadian visas over the successive years.