Bissessar slams PM Rowley, “He is interested in saving his friend George than getting truth”

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Trinidad and Tobago: The leader of the opposition – Kamla Persad Bissessar, has once again bashed Prime Minister Keith Rowley for not allowing proper investigation in the Paria tragic incident on March 23, 2022 (Wednesday). While slamming the PM, Bissessar stated that “Rowley is more interested in protecting his friend Newman George than getting to the truth.”

The opposition leader further noted that nearly a month after the tragic events at Paria Fuel, where four divers sadly lost their lives, the public is no closer to learning the truth about what happened that fateful day. To make matters worse, the Rowley government is still nowhere close to finalising the promised Commission of Enquiry details into this disaster.

Keith Rowley’s announcement today that the government is going to make yet another change to the composition of the Enquiry, as well as his failure to say when the Enquiry will begin its work, raises suspicions of cover-up and deflection, Bissessar mentioned.

She further stated, “It’s simply inexcusable that while Rowley continues to drag his feet over what was the worst industrial disaster for nearly forty years, Rowley’s close friend Newman George still occupies the post of Chairman of Paria Fuel.

While the government uses paid PNM bloggers to attack the families of the Divers and treat the sole survivor as an enemy of the state, no questions have been asked by the Rowley Government of Newman George and the board at Paria Fuel.”

The opposition leader further underlined that it is obscene that the company’s Board and Management still have their jobs.

It is crystal clear that Keith Rowley is more interested in protecting his friend Newman George than he is in getting to the truth as to what led to the tragic deaths of these four divers. It is vitally important that this COE begin its duties as quickly as possible. That Keith Rowley sees no need for urgency regarding this matter is appalling, Bissessar mentioned.

Justice delayed is justice denied. Keith Rowley appears determined to deny justice to the families of the deceased divers, the opposition leader concluded while demanding justice to the four dead divers.

George Henry
George Henry
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