Barbados: St Nicholas Abbey Heritage Railway offers great excursion

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Barbados: The country holds all the beauty to offer to the tourists. One can explore the paradise on rails as well. The train journey whispers tales of the tropics, giving the vibes which are as smooth as the rum.

Visit Barbados; a social media handle featured beautiful glimpses of it from St Nicholas Abbey Heritage Railway, which presents all the love to treat the eyes of tourists. 

Beautiful train, St Nicholas Abbey's railway, credits to Visit Barbados Facebook Page
Beautiful train, St Nicholas Abbey’s railway, credits to Visit Barbados Facebook Page

St Nicholas Abbey is a beautiful place in Barbados, containing all the natural beauty and historical quests. The ride on the train offers a wonderful journey starting from a gentle arc around a pond. Then, it passes sugar cane fields before reaching up the hill.

Thereafter, a wide turn makes the train enter a mature stand of mahogany, which gives way to a section of track located at the sides of the cliffside, which is very close to the train. Continuing with the journey, after a route of cliffside, the train takes a way towards Cherry Tree hill, which is the second highest point in Barbados. The views at the hill offer breathtaking views.

The train holds the rich heritage of the country and provides the essence of those old gold days when there was no access to roads in the country, and people used to use only trains as the transport medium.

The train journey generally exits at St Nicholas Abbey’s great house, which can be toured with a small walk across a manicured field lined with gardens and giant palm trees. This welcomes the tourists to the 17th-century Jacobean homes in the Caribbean.

Considerably, the construction of the track was completed in the second half of 2018, while the tours commenced in early 2019. And the rail system contains a very authentic representation of the 19th-century transportation system.

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