Barbadian Ministry of Industry, Innovation, Science & Technology announces to launch National Trident ID Cards

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Barbados: The Minister of Industry, Innovation, Science and Technology, Davidson Ishmael, on Monday announced that Barbadians would soon possess the National Trident Identification cards. These identification cards would be technologically advanced.

This was announced by Minister Ishmael on Monday during the Road Traffic (Amendment) Bill debate in Parliament. He stated that these cards would be released in the upcoming months. The laminated identification cards and drivers’ licences will be replaced by the new digital cards after the release.


The Minister further stated that the digital cards might have special features like fingerprints and medical information. The step is a simple one, but an integral step for the development of the country, said Ishmael.

Minister of Science and Technology Ishmael announced that the new Trident ID Card would be launched during this first quarter of 2022, adding, “I can assure you that this project is at an extremely advanced stage of its development, and we are confident that barring any unforeseen circumstances, we shall be able to deliver this exciting new Trident ID card in the coming months”.

He further stated that most of the technical work had been completed by the technical team. While sharing updates on the developing phase, Minister said, “The team, developing this digital ID card, has been beta testing all the technical aspects of the solution to ensure that we have compliance with international data security standards, and I can assure this House and the people of Barbados that we are checking every detail connected with this card.”

“We want to ensure that it is robust in its security and that it is resilient in all of these features so that they can feel extremely safe and secure in having and using this ID whenever they do receive it, but not only it is not just useful and that our citizens feel good having it in their possession, but we want to ensure,” Minister added.

George Henry
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