Bahamas to host 30th CARIFTA Swimming Championship

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Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture of Bahamas launched the 30th CARIFTA Swimming Championship. The event is all set to be held from 28 March to 7 April 2024.

While sharing his thoughts on the event, the President of the Bahamas Aquatic Federation, Algernon Cargill, highlighted the opportunities for the athletes. This is the first time that the participants will be performing at home since 2017.

He added that “the nation has the great opportunity to defend their five consecutive CARIFTA Swimming Championships.”

“We can go after the CARIFTA water polo title in front of thousands of the residents of the Bahamas, shaking cowbells and beating drums, cheering our athletes on to a sixth title”, stated Cargill.

Notably, Cargill serves his responsibilities as the vice chairman of the Local Organizing Committee. He shared LOC’s mission of raising $1 million to put on the event.

Moreover, Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture Mario Bowleg emphasized the importance of the event and how this event accumulate junior aquatic athletes together to compete.

“He noted that this event is a testament to the commitment, excellence, sportsmanship and the undeniable passion of the youth for sports. We are glad to open our doors to welcome the new talents to our shores.”

The minister also extended his gratitude to their partners who have played a pivotal role in making this event possible. He stated that the National Swim Complex is under renovation and assured everyone that the venue will completely be ready during the time of the championship.

The minister also made a request to all the residents of the Bahamas to support their team and encourage them to win their sixth consecutive title.

It is to be noted that there are 24 nations competing against each other. The open-water swimming competition will be conducted on April 3 at Goodman’s Bay. Water polo will be held from Thursday, April 4, to Saturday, April 6.

The competition will include the respective age groups, which include 11-12, 13-14 and 15-17. The event will have a new edition of the 18 and over category for 50, 100 and 200-metre races. The athletes will be competing for the medals.

Furthermore, the CARIFTA Championship will be a qualifier for the World Swimming Championships and the Paris Olympic Games of 2024.

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