AR 15 Rifle, Shotgun and Narcotics seized by Trinidad and Tobago police

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Trinidad and Tobago officials sized AR-15 Rifle, one shotgun, one pistol, ammunition and a quantity of illegal narcotics during an anti-crime exercise last week from a vehicle.

As per reports, the illegal items were recovered from the Western division at around 11:15 pm on 8 December.

Police officials stated that the discovery was made from areas of the Military Museum when they stopped a silver Nissan Serena with two men and one women. Upon searching the vehicle, officials discovered a duffle bag with cocaine, marijuana, revolver and an AR15 rifle.

Other items including the following were also recovered: 

– 13 rectangular packages containing cocaine.

– One clear plastic bag containing cocaine

– One rectangular package containing marijuana.

– One Taurus revolver loaded with two rounds of .38 spl ammunition.

– One multi-coloured AR-15 Rifle

– Two AR-15 magazines

– 60 rounds of 5.56 mm ammunition

– 170 rounds of 9-mm ammunition.

Therefore, the three occupants were apprehended by the officials in relation to the things found in them.

The authorities took them to the Carenage Police Station for further enquiries.

This exercise was sanctioned by COP Erla Christopher and coordinated by ACP Thompson and Supt Balkaran. The case was spearheaded by the Coastal and Air Support unit led by Asp Walker and Insp Matas.

Moreover, the officers also conducted an exercise in the North Eastern Division; they moved towards Pitch Road, Morvant.

On reaching the location, the authorities conducted a search at an empty lot of land, from where they found many packages of marijuana wrapped in a clear plastic, which, when weighed, amounted to over 200 grams.

A 40-year-old man was detained by the officers as he fit the description of a suspect involved in a shooting with intent incident in the Romain Lands area.

Subsequently, the officers searched the suspect and they found a transparent plastic bag. The bag contained 28 grams of marijuana, due to which the suspect was taken to the Morvant Police Station for questioning.

Furthermore, the officers headed towards Small Street, 2nd Caledonia, where they investigated a dirt track and found an AR-15 rifle magazine and ammunition under a sheet of galvanised steel.

Later on, the officials conducted a search at the small wooden shops on the eastern main road, 2nd Caledonia. During the search, the authorities found many small packets of marijuana in one of the shops.

It is to be noted the authorities of the Eastern division executed a search warrant at the home located at Toco Main Road, Balandra. The officers found illegal firearms and ammunition in the house.

Moreover, the officers also found one 12-gauge cartridge inside the drawers and one homemade shotgun under a galvanised sheet in the yard.

A man was apprehended in relation to the things and took him to the Toco Police Station.

The exercise was coordinated by Senior Superintendent Khan and Inspector Sankar. The case was supervised by Sgt Edwards and the other authorities of Toco Police Station and the Canine Unit.

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