Antigua and Barbuda: Write your Love Story in best recognized honeymoon destination

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Antigua and Barbuda: The country, Antigua and Barbuda wins the top spot securing the 25th position in the world in TripAdvisor’s 2024 Travelers’ Choice Awards as the Best Honeymoon Destinations, enabling couples to write their love story in the country.

TripAdvisor is one the largest travel guidance platforms which provides travel insights to the public. Antigua and Barbuda now has come to the list of them as the country has bagged top spot in TripAdvisor’s 8 million listed destinations across the world. With this achievement, Antigua and Barbuda have joined the top-ranking honeymoon destinations like Maldives, Mauritius and Bora Bora.

The recognition by TripAdvisor will impact the tourism of the country by making the escalations, thus leading towards the overall development of the country.

“ Receiving this recognition from Travelers themselves is a great honor,” remarked the Tourism Minister, Charles ‘Max’ Fernandez.

Such a recognition will serve as a testament to the memorable romantic experiences that Antigua and Barbuda has to offer. 

Considerably, the country is already on the path of producing services in the country which can offer romantic vibes to the couples visiting. There is a recent campaign going on in the country which encourages couples to come and write their love story on the Caribbean’s most romantic Islands. This even highlights the elements of the country which appeal to couples.

Write your love story in Antigua and Barbuda, credits to Antigua & Barbuda Facebook Page
Write your love story in Antigua and Barbuda, credits to Antigua & Barbuda Facebook Page

Moreover, the country offers all the cozy experiences, from boutique accommodations to culinary experiences. The most beautiful scenic views, pink and white sand beaches, friendly environment, relaxing and exclusive atmosphere.

Further, the lovely attractions and love between the couple give extremely connecting fame to pen down the story and Antigua and Barbuda makes it possible with the wonderful romantic escape. Even the country’s website is open for all to share their stories on

Attractions such as Pillars of Hercules, Grecian-like cliffs, Beaches and resorts such as Cocobay offer great opportunities to the couples to fulfill romantic destinations. 

Interestingly, Valentine’s is near, so start your love story with the most alluring romantic destination, Antigua and Barbuda.

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