Antigua and Barbuda culinary stars shines in Nevis Mango Festival, claims 2nd position. Picture Credits: Fb accounts

Antigua and Barbuda culinary stars shines in Nevis Mango Festival, claims 2nd position

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Antigua and Barbuda: The culinary stars of twin-island nation shined in the Nevis Mango Festival as they claimed the second position and showcased the exceptional offerings and provided the best culinary experience to all the attendees by infusing mangoes into every dish.

Notably, the chefs who participated at the event were Chef Ronald Wilson, Head Chef of the team and Chef de Cuisine at Blue Waters Hotel and Chef Jean Pierre Tuitt, Sous Chef of the team and Junior Sous Chef at The Jumby Bay Island Resort.

The Antigua and Barbuda Team competed against top chefs from St Kitts and Nevis and USA and brought glory to the nation by taking the 1st runner-up title and showcasing the incredible skills and creativity competing in two demanding rounds.

In Round 1, the chefs were asked to present a plant-based appetizer which featured mango, plantain, avocado and beet.  The team impressed the judges with their vegan tartare, a beautiful harmony of flavours with avocado and cucumber mayo, pickled beetroot, roasted plantain and mango, topped with mango and mint gel.

Picture Credits: Fb accounts
Picture Credits: Fb accounts

Meanwhile, the Round 2 was to present a mystery basket challenge with ingredients like Chicken breast, coffee, plantain, orange, spinach, coconut and raisins. The team of chefs crafted a stunning chicken ballotine with sweet potato and coconut ragout and a coconut mango coffee beurre blanc.

The team Antigua and Barbuda presented a mixture of flavours, creativity and teamwork which helped them earn an impressive 499 points which was just six points less from the team Nevis who won the festival, claiming 505 points.

Picture Credits: Fb accounts
Picture Credits: Fb accounts

The judges which comprise three hospitality professionals from Nevis and celebrity chef Shorne Benjamin from USA appreciated the Antigua and Barbuda team for showcasing the flavours and ingredients of their island nation through their dish.

The chefs participated at the event shared their experience of participating at the 10thNevis Mango Festival. The Chef Wilson noted that “Competing in Nevis for the first time was an incredible experience. JP and I worked cohesively, and I’m proud of our performance. We’re now setting our sights on the Taste of the Caribbean in Miami later this year!”

On the other hand, Chef Jean Pierre-Tuitt stated “The Nevis Mango Festival was a blend of ‘Mission Impossible’ and culinary flair. Thanks to everyone who supported us, especially our team managers, Jessie Thomas and Chef Burnette.”

Moreover, Chef Ronald Wilson will also join his team in Antigua and Barbuda for the Taste of the Caribbean, which has been scheduled to take place in Miami from 18th November to 20th and will be hosted by the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association.