Andromeda Gardens, must visit place in Barbados

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Barbados: Andromeda Gardens of Barbados is one of the most diverse gardens in the world that exists in the tropical climate. It is the oldest in Barbados which is home to over 500 species. The beauty of the place captures all the attention of the visitors as its charm offers all the relaxing energies to the visitors.

One of the visitors who went to the Andromeda Botanic Gardens quoted it as a ‘Gem’. Such a word for this beautiful place is worth saying as it always has better and more to offer to the visitors. 

The place even contributes to the conservation of biodiversity, which makes it worth being called a gem. The perfect blend of nature and preservation of national heritage marks great significance and makes it one of the best tourist attractions of Barbados.

Interestingly, the garden was created by Iris Bannochie who is a legend and expert on horticulture in the country. The collection of plants in the Gardens says much about its contributions towards the biodiversity of a small island, Barbados. The collection of plants in the gardens is either collected by the creator of the garden or gifted by people.

The place holds much more than is seen, as its historic values make it more connected to the hearts of people and bring the essence of unique recognition to the country. 

It is said that Barbados was once covered with the fig trees and when the Portuguese came across the island from route to Brazil in 1536, they named it as Los Barbados. This simply means the bearded ones and these trees can still be found around the island, at the Andromeda Botanic Gardens.

This beautiful place is not just a normal location but is more like a paradise as it has the perfect blend of nature and history. The beauty and the historical significance of a single place give a sign of recognizing it as a must-explore place.

George Henry
George Henry
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