Alick Athanaze and Kavem Hodge to get diplomatic passports, announces PM Roosevelt Skerrit
Alick Athanaze and Kavem Hodge to get diplomatic passports, announces PM Roosevelt Skerrit

Roseau, Dominica: The new Sports Ambassador of the Commonwealth of Dominica – , will be provided with the diplomatic passports with immediate effects, announced Prime Minister Dr Roosevelt Skerrit.

It is to be noted that these passports will ease their travelling to other nations. As per the latest announcement by Prime Minister Skerrit, both the sports players will be provided with some allowance which will meet their basic obligations.

“I intend to host a ceremony for them once they are 12 in days over to announce further some recognition for them from the country standpoint. I believe that it is important that we provide them with all unnecessary support,” PM Skerrit was quoted saying.

He added that the two young men are full of promise, and I think the country needs to create a ribbon around them, a ribbon of support and solidarity,” he added.

PM Skerrit furthermore mentioned that he thinks they have very bright futures ahead, and they are going to require all to support them.

Prime Minister Skerrit also outlined that “I am very, very impressed with them. I am very impressed with their discipline, their focus. They both have gone through their various challenges and their non-selection for some time and wanted to give up, but they have persevered, and today they are part of the West Indies cricket team.”

He added that all the cricket lovers are excited to watch their team (West Indies) playing in the field of Dominica. “What a glorious time that will be. I think many people across the region hold great promise in these two gentlemen, and I think it is important for us to support them,” he added, expressing his love towards the sport.

He furthermore claimed that when the India tour is over, the government of the Commonwealth of Dominica will host an appropriate ceremony in Dominica to give full recognition for their achievements and for their talents.

He concluded and expressed, “I am excited about their future and two young men who have persevered, and we need to provide them with the support that they require.”