Adicia Burton to represent Dominica at Miss OECS Pageant 2024

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Adicia Burton– Miss Dominica Beauty Pageant winner 2023, is on her way to represent her nature Island at the Miss OECS Pageant 2024 held on January 12, 2024, at Windsor Park Stadium.

The most awaited Miss OECS Pageant 2024 will be held under the gracious theme, “Island Elegance: Beauty Beyond Boundaries.”

The event will begin in the evening at 8 PM with tickets priced at $120 for VIPs, $80 for regular sitting, $50 for standing room and $20 US for Live streaming via Vibean TV.

Youth Olympic sports Captain and Miss Dominica Pageant Queen Adicia Burton is a multi-talented young girl who hails from the Kalinago community of Dominica. She is not just brains and beauty but a wholesome package championing justice and her cultural preservation.

She is also a journalist at the Government Information Service in Dominica and a contributing UN Volunteer. Through her professional skills and passion, she’s a true inspiration for all young women, working consecutively to uplift her Kalinago community with the EMA Project.

Adicia, a true trailblazer and a Powerhouse of all talents, also shared an excellent academic background. She started her journey at Isulukati Preschool and soared through her academic adventures. She successfully achieved and became a scholarship-winning sensation as valedictorian at Salybia Primary and Castle Bruce Secondary School.

Moving ahead at her Professional Qualifications, she has pursued her Associate Degrees in Math, Biology, and Chemistry at Dominica State College.

As per Miss OECS Pageant, she is synonymous with resilience and the unwavering spirit of Dominica. She stands as a beacon of hope, advocating for reparations, cultural preservation, and justice.

Notably, five representative beauties with their respective nations will mark their attendance at the OECS Beauty Pageant 2024. The names of the ambassadors are as follows:-

Theyana Kai Sebastian – Antigua and Barbuda
Anika Christopher – British Virgin Islands
Adicia Burton – Dominica
Amonai Francis – Grenada
Claire Marissa Smartt – Saint Lucia

The event will be held in partnership with its specified sponsors, including AID Bank Dominica, Discover Dominica, Big Edge Financial Express, Rapid Response Recovery Services, and the Commonwealth of Dominica Division of Culture.

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