AC Port of Spain secures first place in TT Premier League; standings

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AC Port of Spain stood at first place with 12 points in the Trinidad and Tobago Premier League, followed by Miscellaneous Police Football Club.

Notably, AC Port of Spain defeated Central Football Club by a huge margin of 7 goals as the score was 8-1. The players who scored goals for Port of Spain were John-Paul Rochford 16’, Isaiah Leacock 82’, 90+4, Che Benny 88’, Liam Burns 15’, Kadeem Corbin 32’, Sedale Mc Lean 37’ and Brian Armstrong 59’ on 20 December 2023.

Further, four more matches were played on the same day. The first game was played between Prison Service Football Club and 1976 Football Club Phoenix. The game was won by Prison Service Football Club by a score of 3-0. The goal scorer from Prison Service Football Club was Ricardo John, 7’, 38’ and Josiah King, 70’.

Tiger Tanks Club Sando and Miscellaneous Police Football Club competed against each other in another game. The game was won by Miscellaneous Police Football Club by 1-0. The player who contributed a goal for the team was Joevin Jones, 89’.

Moreover, the third game was played between Caledonia Football Club and Football Club Eagles. The game was won by Caledonia Football Club with a score of 2-0. The players who scored a goal for Caledonia FC were Lindell Sween, 13’, and Tevin Scott, 73’.

Heritage Petroleum Horquetta Rangers faced Defence Force Football Club in another game and the match was tied. Mark Ramdeen 4’ and Brent Sam scored one goal each for their respective teams.

Standings on 17 December 2023:

AC Port of Spain is in the first position with 12 points. No of matches played=4, Won=4, Loss=0, Draw=0.

Miscellaneous Football Club is in the second spot with 11 points. No of matches played= 5, Won=3, Loss=0, Draw=2.

The third position has been secured by the Prison Service Football Club. No of matches played=5, Won=3, Loss=2, Draw=0.

Defence Force Football Club is in the fourth spot. No of matches played=5, Won=2, Loss=1, Draw=2.

Tiger Tanks Club Sando is in the fifth position. No of matches played= 4, Won=2, Loss=1, Draw=1.

Caledonia Football Club has secured the sixth spot. No of matches played=4, Won=2, Loss=2, Draw=0.

Terminix La Horquetta Rangers is in the seventh position. No of matches played=4, Won=2, Loss=2, Draw=0.

Football Club Eagles is in the eighth spot. No of matches played=5, Won=1, Loss=2, Draw=2.

Heritage Petroleum Point Fortin Civic is in the ninth position. No of matches played=4, Won=1, Loss=2, Draw=1.

1976 Football Club Phoenix is in the tenth spot. No of matches played=5, Won=1, Loss=4, Draw=0.

Central Football Club is in the eleventh position. No of matches played=5, Won=0, Loss=5, Draw=0.

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